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Super Helios offers professional Google Ads management for your business, our experts are certified premier google partners with extensive history in PPC.

Google Ads is a advertising program developed by Google. Using an auction based system, you can bid for keywords and show up as a sponsored listing within google search results.

Known widely as PPC (Pay per click) advertising, a complex algorithm looks to match the correct ads with an appropriate search result. When done correctly, you can benefit from increased gains in traffic and revenue.

Super Helios is certified as a partner of Google Ads, we are ready to help you being your PPC campaign and manage it efficiently. Google Ads can be beneficial to companies just starting out because it allows you to pay for traffic.

PPC advertising can serve you exceptionally well if you have a winning ad, with a website set up for conversions. It is also a great marketing channel if your local SEO area is very competitive, allowing you to bid on additional keywords your competitors may be ranking for.

While it sounds straightforward to pay for the targeted traffic, setting up an effective Ads Campaign can be challenging by yourself. Our team is dedicated to providing you with results and we take the time to optimize your ads for conversions.

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How the Ads Auction Works

Google Ads at its core is fairly simple. You bid on keywords that users might search for when looking to browse online for goods and services. Then you create an advert based upon those keywords which will show up in the search engine result pages (SERP).

Every time a user clicks on one of your adverts, you pay, hence the name pay per click advertising.

The price you’re willing to pay for each click is called cost per click (CPC). We take the budget you’re willing to work with and market your products and services to users who are actively looking for them on the web.

Think of it like this, a seller looks to sell their local plumbing services online. With the use of a complicated algorithm, Google connects buyers looking to purchase a local plumbing service.

So when that person types in “Local Plumbing services” your website page and advert will be correctly displayed to them.

If the user clicks on your advert listing, you’re charged a fee and you now have a chance to convert that visitor into a customer.

Google Ads is particularly strong in coupling user intent with useful information, building a seamless and convenient way to connect you with more customers.

Our Google Adwords process

1. Examine and Identify

We take the time to do a full examination of your target audience. We will begin by starting in depth keyword analysis combined with competitor research. Figuring out what your users are searching for is crucial, once we have identified your target audience, we take into account what your local competitors are bidding for. Looking to outrank and effectively create a magnet ad which aligns with your customer's values. Keyword investigation and audience insights are critical to the campaign we develop. Super Helios' adwords campaigns are strictly based off of data that works.


2. Goal-Oriented

We know what you want, to have a high converting ad which brings in a healthy return. After identifying your target audience, our process focuses on achieving what you want within your campaign. Looking to market your emergency services to those most in need? Or perhaps make yourself known as a brand throughout the paid media space. We look to accomplish specific tasks with your campaign, ultimately bringing you closer to achieving your end goal. We make the path clear for the user to follow, providing proper landing pages which result in a smooth transition from the search engines, right to your website.


3. Remarket and Test

An Adwords campaign is innately configurable, and more often than not small variations within your ad can end up making a big difference in your ROI in the long run. We constantly refresh your campaign with newer and better ads, based on knowledge we acquire throughout our rigorous testing. While experiencing what works and what doesn't we look to push the winning ads and remarket them to users who may have landed on your page but didn't purchase anything. Retargeting these ads allows for higher click-through-rates as well as lower ad fatigue. It's important to have an experienced profesional on your side so you can benefit from a well managed campaign. Our in-house Adwords experts are ready to conduct your campaign for maximum conversions.


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Competitive Advantage with Super Helios

Give yourself an edge by boarding on with our Google Ads team. We use ideal techniques to accomplish your Ads goals, your Ads campaign will be continually monitored and optimized fit for the changing bid prices that adjust frequently.

Our team will perform and execute an ROI analysis of your campaign, ensuring that your pay-per-click budget is balanced with a healthy conversion rate.

We geo-target ads in a specific manner so that they’re relevant to the users nearby searching them.

This translates to a high click-through-rate by keeping relevant traffic steady.

From call to action to ad copy, our safeguarded approach accommodates for your advertising spend.

Giving you control over advertising costs, helping you beat your competitors, and start producing more engaging ads for new customers.

Super Helios aims at achieving your campaign’s true potential, taking away the needless frustration that can plague so many business owners who don’t have the time to continuously split test their ads to see what does and doesn’t work.

Our hassle free approach guarantees that you see the benefit of your google Ads campaign without all the fuss of handling it.

Give us a call today and we’ll send you a free quote explaining exactly how to turn your PPC campaigns into sustainable converting ads.

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